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Visa and Dolphin Mall Launch New Partnership to Benefit Tourist Shoppers

Launch event for Visa and Dolphin Mall partnership

Sweetwater, FL – South Florida’s Dolphin Mall and the global financial services giant Visa have announced a new partnership to increase holiday sales and benefit Visa cardholders visiting from Latin America and the Caribbean (LatAm).

The partnership is the first of its kind in South Florida, giving tourists using Visa cards access to exclusive benefits which includes gift certificates, restaurant vouchers, discounts and access to Visa lounges, offering a VIP experience within Dolphin Mall. The announcement was made Friday morning in Dolphin Mall at a special launch event where VIPs and members of the media were invited.

francisco da rocha campos visa
Francisco da Rocha Campos, Sr. VP of Sales and Merchant Solutions at Visa (image: linkedin)

Among the attendees were Visa’s Francisco da Rocha Campos, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Merchant Solutions for Latin America & The Caribbean. “This partnership is very important for us because it addresses two of our key elements of our value propositions: One, it allows us to provide LatAm cardholders with unique benefits for shopping at Dolphin Mall, and two, it allows merchants at Dolphin Mall with the means and incentive to grow their business”, said da Rocha Campos.

The senior executive for Visa also added the company is using this as a learning experience to further develop solutions to benefit Visa cardholders.

Why Dolphin Mall

According to da Rocha Campos, Dolphin Mall is a top shopping destination for Latin-American cardholders and was specifically chosen by Visa because of its importance, sales volume and popularity, “Out of all of the international volume coming from Latin American cardholders, more than 50% are in the United States, 50% of this half is in Miami, and out of this Miami portion, 80% is in Miami Dade.. a significant portion of these sales are in Dolphin Mall.”


Dolphin Mall Official Comments

Also in attendance was Pete Marrero, General Manager for Dolphin Mall.

dolphin-mall-visa-1Marrero noted the benefits eligible Visa cardholders receive as part of this partnership, “This is a very unique alliance with Visa, as we have a lot of intl tourists come through our door every year.. Each tourist that has a Visa card will get special benefits.”

Among the benefits for shoppers:

  • Spend $350 and show your sales receipt to the information booth and get a voucher for a restaurant
  • Spend $500 and get a gift certificate for use in the Oneclick Apple Store in Dolphin Mall

These benefits do not have an expiration or deadline and are available throughout the year.

What’s Next in 2016  for Dolphin Mall

Pete Marrero also listed a number of developments shoppers at Dolphin Mall can look forward to, including a series of new stores that will enhance shopping the experience, among those stores, a flagship store for H&M, with 30,000 square feet of store space, opening next week.

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