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Three Sweetwater Police Officers Recognized for Valiant Effort

Sweetwater, FL – On June 14, 2015, a traffic accident on N.W. 25th Street near 117th Avenue led to a vehicle submerged underwater in a canal. The vehicle still had an occupant inside. That’s when Lt. Rafael Castro of the Sweetwater Police Department arrived on scene and went inside the water without a diving suit or any special equipment to locate the individual inside the car.

Two more officers from the Sweetwater Police Department, Officer Jorge Quintana and Officer Isaias Estefan, also provided support.

They were recognized for their valiant efforts and given the officer of the Month award by Chief Placido Diaz during the July 6, 2015 meeting in the Commission Chambers at 500 S.W. 109 Ave in Sweetwater. This was the first award given to a member of the Sweetwater Police Department by Chief Placido Diaz since being hired as Interim Chief of Police in June.

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