Sweetwater Post Announces Op/Ed Section for 2017 Election Candidates


Sweetwater, FL – Sweetwater Post announces a new section on its website Sweetwaterpost.com featuring commentary and opinion pieces written by 2017 election candidates. The section, titled “Candidates’ Corner“, will be open to anyone registered as a candidate for office in a Sweetwater municipal election. “This is the first time a website dedicated to news in Sweetwater allows such an opportunity to candidates to express themselves and residents to become more informed voters.” said Sweetwater Post Editor Josh Mayorga, “Any candidate is invited to participate and submit opinion pieces for publication on our Candidates’ Corner section, at no cost, as long as they agree to abide by general editorial guidelines.” Guidelines will help keep personal insults or inappropriate content on the new section.

So far at least one candidate has expressed interest in contributing to the new section, all candidates will be invited via email.

Any candidates interested should write to the following: Candidates Corner, tips@sweetwaterpost.com

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