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Sweetwater Police and Other Police Challenge Videos to Make Your Day

Police departments all over the United States are finding creative ways to connect with communities using the internet. From small town departments to the largest law-enforcement agencies, all are facing more challenges than ever with racial tensions, tech-savvy criminals, and mental-illness becoming more prevalent among the smartphone-addicted population. One of those creative ways to reach out to communities is challenge videos: brief, scripted videos meant to entertain the public featuring police department and government employees, members of the public, and even professional dancers, dancing in a silly manner to a music soundtrack.

The trend began as far back as 2014 with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Police departments joined the national trend of people being filmed accepting the challenge, having ice water poured over their head, and the recipient of the challenge calling out another person or group to also do the challenge.

Since then, the internet has seen the evolution of challenges, with the Running Man Challenge and Lip Sync Challenge. Sweetwater Police is among the South Florida departments joining in on the fun, and we’ve included our favorite police challenge videos from South Florida and all over the country.

Which one do you think is the best? Comment below!

Sweetwater Police Running Man Challenge (2016)

Sweetwater Police Lypsync Challenge (2018)

Miami Police Department Running Man Challenge

Pittsburgh Police Running Man Challenge

Seattle Police Lip Sync Challenge

Winston Salem Police Lip Sync Challenge

Virginia Tech Police Lip Sync Challenge

Honolulu Police Lip Sync Challenge

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