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FIU students participate in the Acura ILX Marketing Challenge and host their big event on campus

University Park, FL – On April 9, 2019, FIU students worked together to promote the Acura ILX 2019, the strategy behind the project was all up to these nine students.

The team is part of the American Market Association (AMA) which is the largest marketing association in North America for students, and organizations involved in the practice , teaching, and studying of marketing worldwide.

Roaring Concepts (RC) is part of AMA which works as a student-run marketing agency, they work with small businesses to provide them with affordable marketing services and to help them grow. RC has been contacted by Edventure Partners (EVP) to work on this special project called Acura ILX Marketing Challenge, which is a multinational marketing challenge.

Best students have been chosen to promote and raise awareness of the newly remodeled Acura ILX 2019 model. Winners chosen for the marketing challenge will fly out to California to present their campaigns to Acura Executives.

Our team consists of a project manager who oversees and manages the project, 8 FIU students, with individual specific tasks assigned to complete while also working together to create ideas and strategies for the marketing campaign.

Our strategy for the tabling events was to raise awareness for our main event that was scheduled for April 9th. To attract passing foot traffic, distributed flyers to promote our main event, brochures that highlight features of the ILX that correspond to our campaign message: Be Seen expressing one’s true self, and incentivize people to promote our campaign on their social media by establishing a contest that rewarded those who post/hashtag/share our campaign the most, with promotional merchandise.

On Tuesday, April 9th, we hosted our main event, in GC Lawns, a busy spot between the Green Library and Graham Center, with the primary focus of reinforcing brand awareness, promoting the 2019 Acura ILX. Free food, a live DJ playing music, and interactive games were provided for students to engage with our event.

The Acura ILX 2019 vehicle was also present for students to check out the newly redesigned features and interior design. Throughout the event, people attending were given tickets to participate in our big raffle contest, winners were given free Apple Airpods, or Amazon gift cards. We encouraged students to follow our Instagram @BeSeenILX to post and hashtag their experience, and they were given additional prizes for doing so.  

Overall this opportunity given through the AMA association really helps students expand their skills, and learn all about the marketing industry.

FIU students representing the American Marketing Association
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