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FDLE Still Investigating Sweetwater PD – “Could Take Months”

Sweetwater, FL – After weeks of investigation, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is still investigating the Sweetwater Police Department.

A visit by the FDLE that was supposed to last a few days has lasted weeks and might take months, this according to the new top cop in Sweetwater. Commissioners heard a wide array of concerns by the Interim Police Chief Placido Diaz about the state of the Sweetwater Police Department.

Among the concerns, the Property Room.

Interim Chief Diaz hinted that the Sweetwater Police Property Room may be the source of many problems to come for the embattled police department. “(The) Property Room is just the beginning of an octopus with many tentacles.”, added the Chief, describing the state of the Property Room as “horrendous”. “(The) Property room shall remain sealed while additional evidence is gathered in order to bring resolutions to matters and issues uncovered during process.”
This comes after an unnamed source close to the department has recently informed us about a stash of confiscated items such as knockoff premium-brand purses, clothing, and other items missing from a Sweetwater Police storage facility, raising the possibility of police employees taking confiscated property for themselves.

“We do need to do some internal house cleaning.”, said the Interim Police Chief, adding that “it may take us taking a few black eyes”. The Interim Chief is assigning two full-time investigators to work jointly with FDLE in compiling evidence. No details were given about the investigation.

During the meeting, he also outlined plans to improve the Sweetwater Police Department, including an accounting of inventory of all long rifles and fully automatic weapons, in addition to other police equipment such as radios, computers, personnel and vehicles.

Commissioner Duasso Doubts Any Corruption To Find

Commissioner Manuel Duasso doesn’t think there is anything to find, adding that after two years hearing allegations of investigations by the FBI and the Miami Dade State Attorneys Office, nothing has happened and Sweetwater is clean. “Two years I wait for FBI. Two years I wait for (Miami Dade State Attorney) Kathy Fernandez (Rundle). My city clean…”

Chief Diaz disagrees, “I can tell you they’re gonna be here for quite a while.”

Known Infractions

Chief Diaz noted at least one past infraction by the Sweetwater Police Department: two grants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Police Department in which money was spent without the funding dollars being awarded. This and other administrative infractions could risk the ability of the Police Department to participate in government funding programs.

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