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Sweetwater Police Deputy Chief Captain Ricardo Roque Resigns

Sweetwater, FL – Several months after being hired to work in the administration of the Sweetwater Police Department, Ricardo Roque, the former City of Miami Assistant Chief of Police, has resigned from the City of Sweetwater PD. Captain Roque, was hired in May of 2015, shortly after Mayor Orlando Lopez won the mayoral election, to be a part of the revamped police department administration in the City of Sweetwater.

The 36 year veteran of the City of Miami police force submitted a resignation letter, mentioning the changes he helped bring to the embattled police department,

“I was indeed fortunate to be presented with an opportunity to be part of the changes that were necessary to gear this department to be a professional Law Enorcement Agency.”

Although it is unclear exactly how many or which changes he specifically helped bring to the Sweetwater Police Department, previous reports detail how the new police administration helped bring in a more efficient system of record-keeping and checks and balances. \

Before resigning, Roque worked as an acting Sweetwater Police Deputy Chief.

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