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Political Alliances Clear in Sweetwater Politics

Sweetwater, FL  – During election time, it’s common to see politicians join a friend’s campaign. Former politicians like Bill Clinton often speak at political rallies in support of fellow Democrats. Former Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño was a staunch supporter of Rick Scott during Scott’s 2010 bid for Governor. In Sweetwater, incumbents and challengers have no problem with letting the public know who’s side they’re on.

Sometime after former Mayor Manny Maroño departed from the City of Sweetwater and Jose Manuel Diaz took over as Mayor, the City of Sweetwater’s political atmosphere began to resemble a high school drama. Except the people in the drama aren’t teenagers, they are adults (average age of a Sweetwater politician in 2015 is 63 years old) and they have been chosen to represent the best interests of the residents.

Some of this drama has created two main political alliances in Sweetwater: those that are allied with Mayor Diaz, and those allied with Commission President Orlando Lopez. Those that side with Diaz, often credit Diaz for “cleaning up” the city and support virtually every decision Diaz makes. Those siding with Lopez, often criticize the excessive spending by the Diaz administration,

Take a drive, or even a walk through the streets of Sweetwater and it will be very easy to not only spot political campaign signs of varying sizes, but also identify which “political side” the candidate falls under.

Nearly every political seat in Sweetwater is being challenged. Some challengers side with the current administration, others are allied with the mayoral challenger.

Prisca Barreto, a longtime Commissioner in Sweetwater and ally of current Mayor Jose Manuel Diaz, is being challenged by Elsa Thompson, a political ally of Mayoral Candidate and current Commissioner Orlando Lopez.

Manuel Duasso, also a longtime Commissioner in Sweetwater and ally of the Mayor, is being challenged by Saul Diaz, also a political ally of Orlando Lopez.

Commissioner Jose Guerra is allied with Orlando Lopez, and is being challenged by political unknown Idania Llanio, an ally of Jose M. Diaz and believed to be a family member or close friend of Commissioner Jose Bergouignan.

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