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Sweetwater Employee Arrested for Allegedly Raping 11 Year-Old Girl

Updated article 7/16/15 12:03 A.M. with copy of Miami Dade Police arrest report

Sweetwater, FL – Luis A. Quintero, a 23 year old maintenance worker for the City of Sweetwater, has been arrested by Miami Dade Police and charged with sexual battery on a minor.

The female victim, now 12 years old, told police that Quintero had befriended her on social media last year when she was 11 years old. The allegations then detail how he gained access into her bedroom and that is where the 6 ft., 185 lb. 23 year old man had sex with the child victim. The victim then told police they had sex a second time, after the victim turned 12, in his vehicle in front of her driveway.

This leads to many unanswered questions, like for example: where are the victim’s parents? How was this 23 year-old man allowed into the victim’s bedroom, to be alone with her for enough time for intercourse to happen? Will there be other victims that come forward with accusations?

Before working for the maintenance department, Quintero was previously involved with the City of Sweetwater Summer Camp, where he would interact with children and young teens.

While Quintero was employed as a Sweetwater maintenance worker, he would often oversee the inmates participating in the Inmate Worker Program, a program that uses inmates in a Miami-Dade correctional facility as unpaid maintenance workers throughout Sweetwater.

The arrest was made Tuesday while Mr. Quintero still wore his work uniform bearing the City of Sweetwater logo. His father, Luis Quintero, previously served in the Manny Maroño administration as the City of Sweetwater Parks and Recreation Director and fired during the Jose M. Diaz administration.

The City of Sweetwater issued a statement today regarding the arrest:

In collaboration with the Miami-Dade Police Department, City of Sweetwater police officers transported Mr. Luis A. Quintero, an employee of the city’s maintenance department, to the Special Victims Bureau, where he was later arrested by officers of the Miami Dade Police Department… Mr. Quintero is currently suspended without pay pending the ultimate disposition of the case.

The Miami Dade Corrections Website lists the two charges against Quintero as Sexual Battery on a Minor and Lewd & Lascivious Battery on a Child 12 years old (2 counts), which also lists an incident date 9/30/14.

He is currently being held at Metro West Detention Center without bond.

View the police arrest report


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