Sweetwater Elections: Where to Vote and General Information

Election workers test voting machines in Sweetwater, FL (photo: City of Sweetwater Facebook Page)

Sweetwater, FL – Elections are set to take place tomorrow in the City of Sweetwater and voters will be using two voting precincts to select their candidates. If you’re registered to vote and are not sure which voting precinct is your assigned precinct, the Miami Dade County Elections department has an online search tool to help you find your voting location:


Voting Precincts

Voting precinct 409 is located at Sweetwater Elementary School, 10655 S.W. 4th Street Miami, FL

Voting precinct 409 is located at Sweetwater Elementary School

Voting Precinct 410 is located at Jorge Mas Canosa Youth Center 250 SW 114 Ave Miami, FL

jorge mas canosa youth center sweetwater 2015
Voting precinct 410 is located at Mas Canosa Youth Center 250 SW 114 Ave Miami, FL

Election Date &  Time

Election Day: Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Candidate List

  • Group 1: David Borrero (Endorsed by Sweetwater Post), Isidro Ruiz
  • Group 2: Marcos Villanueva (Endorsed by Sweetwater Post), Jose Bergouignan, Jr., Jose Mejia
  • Group 3: Saul Diaz (Endosed by Sweetwater Post), Joniel Diaz
  • Group 4: Isolina Maroño (Endorsed by Sweetwater Post), Cecilia Holtz-Alonso

Since voters will likely be swarmed by candidates desperate to win and campaign staff, we’ve put together basic information listed below on each candidate to better inform the voters.

For more information on the 2017 candidates:

2017 Sweetwater Municipal Elections Sample Ballot

Polls close after 7 P.M.

Election results will be available on Sweetwaterpost.com and the Miami Dade County Election Results website.


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