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Religious Event Causes Major Traffic in Sweetwater

Sweetwater, FL – Motorists traveling anywhere near Sweetwater experienced major traffic Saturday as the City of Sweetwater closed important streets to allow a block party for a religious celebration known as “La Griteria“. La Griteria is an event most people from Nicaragua take very seriously, as it traditionally celebrates the Catholic Virgin Mary. It is a public holiday in Nicaragua. For many decades now, the City of Sweetwater has been home to a large concentration of Nicaraguan immigrants looking for the American Dream. For years, the Nicaraguan community in Sweetwater kept the tradition of celebrating La Griteria, mainly hosted in Mini-mall parking lots throughout Sweetwater. Former Mayor Manny Maroño faced criticism from the Nicaraguan community for not openly supporting the religious celebration. Now, current Mayor Jose Diaz is openly supporting the Nicaraguan celebration by providing everything from the Police Helicopter, to at least 20 officers, a police horse, and road closures from S.W. 4th street to Flagler on S.W. 107 Ave. Motorists and residents shared their complaints and criticism of openly supporting a religious celebration and causing such a traffic nightmare.

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