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The Average Age of a Sweetwater Politician is 63.25 Years Old

There are 7 commissioners and a Mayor in the Sweetwater municipal government and their average age is 63.25 years old.

The youngest politician is Commissioner Orlando Lopez, who just turned 47 years old. The oldest politician is Manuel Duasso, at 85 years old (86 in two months).

Along with the currently active politicians, there are a number of challengers in this year’s election, all of which are between 50-70 years old. It doesn’t seem as if any Millenials under 40 will challenge anyone in this year’s election.

We’ve put together a list of current Sweetwater politicians with their age starting with the oldest and descending to youngest

Manuel Duasso


Commissioner Manuel Duasso was first elected into office in 1995 after serving in the Sweetwater Maintenance Department for 27 years. He has been an advocate for education, elderly residents, and is anti-drugs. He is running for re-election in what could be his last election

  • Age: 85
  • First Elected: 1995

Prisca Barreto


Prisca Barreto is the second-oldest politician in Sweetwater and isn’t known for much action aside from her annual Christmas light decoration award given to the owner of the most festive home exterior during Christmas in Sweetwater. According to the city website, she is the longest-running commissioner in Sweetwater. She is closely allied to current Mayor Jose Diaz and Commissioner Jose Bergouignan.

  • Age: 72
  • First Elected:1993

Catalino Rodriguez


Catalino Rodriguez was appointed to the Sweetwater Commision after the 2013 scandal involving Manny Maroño. A veteran police officer with the City of Sweetwater Police Department, Catalino Rodriguez is one of the oldest politicians in Sweetwater. He is closely allied with Orlando Lopez and Isolina Maroño.

  • Age: 70
  • First Elected: Not Elected – appointed in 2013

Jose Manuel Diaz


Originally elected as a commissioner, Jose M. Diaz now serves as Mayor. His professional background includes working at Home Depot, running a Home Health company with his wife Beatrice, and most recently, a Spanish teacher for a charter school for girls. He is running for re-election against rival Orlando Lopez, Douglas Mayorga and Deborah Centeno.

  • Age: 58
  • First Elected:

Jose Manuel Guerra


With professional experience in the towing industry and mysterious ties to a towing company involved in a recent sweetwater scandal, Jose Guerra is also a veteran politician in Sweetwater. He mainly sides with Orlando Lopez and Isolina Maroño on issues.

  • Age: 57
  • First Elected:

Isolina Maroño


Mother of former Mayor Manny Maroño, she was originally a volunteer known for helping the elderly in Sweetwater when she was appointed to be commissioner in 2012 after Abel Abelairas passed away. A year later, she won the election to keep her seat as commissioner, trouncing current mayoral candidate Deborah Centeno by a wide margin.

  • Age: 66
  • First Elected: 2013

Jose A. Bergouignan

Sweetwater Commissioner Jose Bergouignan

The only commissioner with a military service background, Jose Bergouignan is a former U.S. Marine and one of the youngest active comissioners. Bergouignan owns a company providing services to aircraft companies and is relocating his business to Sweetwater.

He is known to side with Jose M. Diaz on most issues.

  • Age: 51
  • First Elected:

Orlando Lopez


Orlando Lopez is the current Commission President and is one of 4 candidates running in the Sweetwater Election for Mayor in 2015. A graduate of Belen Jesuit and Miami Dade College, Commissioner Lopez is the youngest commissioner and the only one with an active real estate license in the State of Florida.

  • Age: 47
  • First Elected: 2001
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