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Sweetwater Commissioner Diaz Targeted By FDLE Investigation, Reports WPLG’s Bob Norman

Sweetwater, FL – A recent news report by Bob Norman, an investigative reporter for Miami’s WPLG Channel 10, has confirmed Jose M. Diaz, a longtime Sweetwater commissioner and former interim-Mayor, is under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Less than two years after being defeated in the 2015 Sweetwater mayoral elections, Diaz announced his resignation from the city commission, saying “My family and I have decided that we need to have more time together.”

While the specifics of the investigation are unknown to the public, Diaz was criticized in recent years for conflicts of interest stemming from a municipal permitting issue relating to a construction project to his home deemed illegal by a circuit court. The city commission also approved spending a thousands on legal counsel defending Diaz in court for the illegal construction case.

Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez also commented on the issue, “I think the heat just got to him and that’s why he’s resigning.”

Video: WPLG

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