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Sweetwater Commission Meeting Preview: December 2015

The City of Sweetwater will hold its monthly public meeting tonight at city hall, and aside from the usual proceedings, commissioners and government leaders will discuss owed payments to vendors, residential parking permits, help for those facing code enforcement violations, and a proposal for enhanced city services for Dolphin Mall.

Vendor Payments

There is a total owed to vendors by the City of Sweetwater of $187,697.24, among the notable invoices owed are the following:

  • $43,600 – Rodriguez, Trueba & Co – City auditing services
  • $15,602.34 – Miami Dade County
  • $18,915.41 – Florida Municipal Insurance Trust
  • $12,500 – EGSC Engineering Consultants
  • $14,891.01 – Interamerica Data Florida (IDF), IT services company and longtime vendor for the City of Sweetwater, headed by Frank Ramos and Cesare Ramos
  • $13,000 – Wekwit, Inc., IT services company also owned by Frank Ramos
  • $10,200 – Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA

Dolphin Mall to Pay Sweetwater for Enhanced Services

The City Commission will discuss a proposal by Mayor Lopez for the City of Sweetwater to provide Dolphin Mall with enhanced services for a sum of $170,000.

Former Sweetwater Police Veteran Laid Off

Raphael Toledo, former member of the police department, will be addressing the city commission regarding his termination from the police department.

Tackling Parking Problems Near 109 Tower

Mayor Lopez and Interim Chief Placido Diaz are introducing an amendment to the city charter seeking to develop residential parking permits to alleviate the parking problems faced by local residents and FIU students since 2014.


The Iota Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, a collegiate community service fraternity, will receive a proclamation made by Mayor Orlando Lopez.

View Agenda

Tonight’s agenda is available on PDF format.

View the Agenda

Additionally, view the latest updates to the agenda by clicking here.

About the City Commission meetings

The City of Sweetwater holds its regular commission meetings every first Monday of the month at 8 P.M. Meetings are open to the public.

What: City of Sweetwater Regular Commission Meeting

When: Monday, December 07, 2015
8:00 P.M.

500 SW 109 Ave
Sweetwater, FL 33174

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