November 1, 2018
Sweetwater, FL – The City of Sweetwater held a free community event at Mas Canosa Youth Center to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday night, continuing the long tradition of community events held for the benefit of residents and visitors. Families, kids, and others joined city employees as Mas Canosa Youth Center was transformed into a haunted house, complete with special effects, smoke, lighting, and candy for the kids.

In a video produced by the City of Sweetwater, city employees can be seen building the large haunted house display covering most of the indoor space at Mas Canosa Youth Center. Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez can also be seen welcoming the residents to one of the most entertaining Halloween haunted houses you can visit in Miami.

Start watching the video at 2:15 to see what a great job the city of Sweetwater did with creating a haunted house.

See gallery below (images courtesy of

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