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Sweetwater Commissioner: Sweetwater Open To Aviation Repair Companies

Sweetwater Commissioner Jose Bergouignan
Sweetwater Commissioner Jose Bergouignan


Sweetwater, FL – The City of Sweetwater is the perfect relocation destination for aircraft repair stations in South Florida, and Sweetwater Commissioner Jose Bergouignan is leading the efforts to bring the aircraft repair companies and jobs to Sweetwater. According to Bergouignan, the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are setting the stage to implement strict security measures to all businesses near airports. Regulations on surveillance cameras, required courses and even which type of doors businesses must use will overburden businesses like his company which services aircraft engines.

Bergouignan, a former U.S. Marine and current business owner, attended a Sweetwater Zoning Board meeting as a member of the public and described why businesses next to Tamiami Airport will eventually be driven away from the area, providing a great opportunity for them to move to Sweetwater, which is friendly to aviation service companies. “I wanna get the word out and tell them.. they’re friendly to the repair stations here and they allow you to do (all types of) testing.”

Long Term Goal

During a brief interview with the Sweetwater Post, Bergouignan detailed his long-term vision for a robust local economy. “Create a light Manufacturing sector, where you have the heavy industrial in the middle, commercial (Dolphin mall) on the other side and then you can have a light industrial side where you can have workers”.. “but it’s usually not gonna be where you have more than 20 or 25 workers at one spot because there are (many) small lots…” added Bergouignan, “Small companies are gonna be the ones that are gonna bring jobs (to Sweetwater).”.

Bergouignan mentioned there were three or four specific companies he has invited to Sweetwater.

According to a City-generated report dated July 2, 2014, out of 1,339 current Sweetwater business licenses, there are no aircraft repair companies with business licenses in Sweetwater.

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