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109 Burger Joint: Worth The Wait

For many years, if you wanted something to eat near Sweetwater, you had few choices: Mall food, Fritangas (Nicaraguan food), Cuban Food, Fast Food (yuck), or Pollo Tropical. Now, FIU Students and Sweetwater residents that love burgers can rejoice: there is a new burger place located at 109 Avenue and S.W. 6th street, conveniently situated across from 109 Tower, aptly named “109 Burger Joint“.

Months after A&G Burger Joint suddenly closed its doors, 109 Burger Joint took its place to provide a much improved burger, great tasting fries, and a much friendlier service. 109 Burger Joint is easily the best place for a burger and a beer in this side of West Miami-Dade County.

On a typical Friday night at 109 Burger Joint, you’ll be greeted by friendly smiles the moment you walk in. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere with blues rock music playing in the background; the restaurant filled to near-capacity with a young, college-age crowd. The restaurant decor could be described as simple, if you place any importance in that sort of thing (I really don’t go to a burger place for the decor, I go there to eat burgers).

The Mexi 109, and Truffle Lovers burgers are amazing. They also have a “create your own” burger, allowing you to choose from tasty ingredients. The prices are pretty decent, considering the purchase of burgers include your choice of fries (I highly recommend the Truffle Fries!). The selection on burgers is amazing.

The bathroom is impeccably clean. The only downside is the bathroom can only accommodate one guest at a time.


  • Great Tasting Food
  • Free soda refills
  • Friendly Service
  • Good Prices
  • Clean Bathroom


  • Long Wait for Food
  • Bathroom capacity: 1
  • Very Limited Parking

Want the best burger in Sweetwater? Prepare to wait. Average wait time for burgers in three different visits to 109 Burger Joint has been at least 30 minutes.

109 Burger Joint
646 SW 109 Avenue, Sweetwater, FL

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