Monday, January 24, 2022
jorge mas canosa youth center sweetwater 2015

Sweetwater Commission Meeting Preview: 7-29-15

Tonight's commission meeting includes the topic of the ratification of department heads.
Sweetwater police mrap vehicle 2014

FDLE Still Investigating Sweetwater PD – “Could Take Months”

An FDLE visit that was supposed to last a few days has lasted weeks and might take months, this according to the Interim Sweetwater Police Chief.
sweetwater police chief placido diaz

Only One Department Director Submitted For Ratification

Too few applicants for department director positions; Police Chief Placido Diaz is the only department head submitted for ratification by Mayor Orlando Lopez

Candidate Analysis: Saul Diaz

Group 7 candidate for City Commissioner shares his response to our candidates questionnaire. We also provide brief analysis on this candidate.
Jose M. Diaz Campaign HQ in 107 Avenue on 5/3/2015

Ousted Sweetwater Mayoral Candidate’s Campaign Creating Voter Confusion

An atmosphere of confusion abounds in Sweetwater mayoral elections as all the signs of an active campaign are still visible to voters
Updated 5/6/15:Diaz admits - View Video

Candidate Contributions & Expenses Summary

In our findings, Orlando Lopez has the fundraising lead among mayoral candidates and Prisca Barreto has a lead over all candidates for commissioner.

Jose Diaz Campaign Contributions and Expenditures

A brief overview of contributions to and expenses by a political organization linked to the Diaz Campaign, Government For Transparency, an “Electioneering Communications Organization” which briefly existed in 2013-2014
sweetwater commissioners gather for a meeting in 2014

The Average Age of a Sweetwater Politician is 63.25 Years Old

Too old to serve? A number of politicians in Sweetwater are past their prime.

Political Alliances Clear in Sweetwater Politics

Sweetwater, FL  - During election time, it's common to see politicians join a friend's campaign. Former politicians like Bill Clinton often speak at political...

Elections: Run For Office in Sweetwater

Want to challenge the status quo? There is still time to register as a candidate! We've put together a list of what you'll need to officially register as a Candidate for the upcoming elections.