Friday, May 7, 2021
sweetwater commissioners gather for a meeting in 2014

The Average Age of a Sweetwater Politician is 63.25 Years Old

Too old to serve? A number of politicians in Sweetwater are past their prime.
Manny Saavedra soccer practice coach

Sweetwater Police Athletic League Opens Youth Soccer Program

Local kids are benefiting from the efforts of the Sweetwater Police Athletic League and the office of Mayor Jose M. Diaz

Political Alliances Clear in Sweetwater Politics

Sweetwater, FL  - During election time, it's common to see politicians join a friend's campaign. Former politicians like Bill Clinton often speak at political...

Sweetwater Commissioners Spending 2014

After repeated requests and six-months of waiting by the Sweetwater Post, The City of Sweetwater released only a partial and seemingly incomplete account of...

Sweetwater: Old Ways Must Change

Sweetwater is changing and I expect more young people to enter into politics in the near future

Elections: Run For Office in Sweetwater

Want to challenge the status quo? There is still time to register as a candidate! We've put together a list of what you'll need to officially register as a Candidate for the upcoming elections.
resident purchases produce at sweetwater community market

Community Market Opens in Sweetwater

Community Market offers vendors a way to connect with residents and create a local economy Organized by founders of Doral Farmers Market Anyone welcome to sell...

Religious Event Causes Major Traffic in Sweetwater

Sweetwater, FL - Motorists traveling anywhere near Sweetwater experienced major traffic Saturday as the City of Sweetwater closed important streets to allow a block...

Developing: Horror in Sweetwater as Charred Remains Found

Charred human remains found Saturday night by Sweetwater Police Rumored to be a teenage female Miami-Dade Police Homicide is investigating Sweetwater, FL - Sweetwater Police were called to...

IKEA Opens in Sweetwater

Sweetwater, FL - After a long wait, IKEA, the Swedish home furnishings retailer, has opened its Sweetwater store next to Dolphin Mall. Sweetwater Mayor...