Monday, January 24, 2022

Religious Event Causes Major Traffic in Sweetwater

Sweetwater, FL - Motorists traveling anywhere near Sweetwater experienced major traffic Saturday as the City of Sweetwater closed important streets to allow a block...

Developing: Horror in Sweetwater as Charred Remains Found

Charred human remains found Saturday night by Sweetwater Police Rumored to be a teenage female Miami-Dade Police Homicide is investigating Sweetwater, FL - Sweetwater Police were called to...

Sweetwater IKEA To Open On August 27, 2014

After months of advertising its Sweetwater store opening in the Summer, IKEA has finally announced a date for its grand opening. The new IKEA...
jose bergouignan invites aircraft repair to sweetwater

Sweetwater Commissioner: Sweetwater Open To Aviation Repair Companies

A City of Sweetwater Commissioner is leading the effort to bring aircraft repair companies, and more jobs, to Sweetwater.

Sweetwater IKEA Has Largest Solar Installation In South Florida

Miami-Dade IKEA will open this summer in Sweetwater, FL and will feature the largest solar array in South Florida.
sweetwater 4th of july

Fourth of July Celebrations in Sweetwater

Residents of Sweetwater gathered at Ronselli Park to enjoy festivities in the annual Independence Day celebrations, a yearly event made possible by the City of Sweetwater.