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Man Stabs Victims In Detroit After Learning They Were Not Muslim

SOUTHFIELD, MI - The Washington Post reports that a man from Detroit, Michigan stabbed one person five times and stabbed another victim in the hand after learning both victims were not Muslim.

The incident follows a shooting of three Muslims in North Carolina, especially during a time of growing tension in the country, as the topic of violence caused by Muslim Extremism in the world is reaching the global headlines on a regular basis.

According to Southfield Police, the suspect, Terrence Lavaron Thomas, 39, stabbed two victims waiting for a bus at a bus stop, aged 52 and 51 after he “made several comments about his religion and asked the victims about their religious beliefs just before the assault occurred.” According to police, the suspect had been engaged in conversation with several people before the stabbing occured. The suspect asked the victims if they were Muslim, and stabbed them in the neck, back and head when he found out they were not Muslim.

Thomas will be arraigned on charges of two counts of assault with intent to murder, one count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and one count of possession of marijuana.

Thomas’s bail was set at $1 million cash or surety bond.

The victims received treatment at an area hospital and left with non-life-threatening injuries.

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