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Florida 2018 Gubernatorial Race: Candidate Profiles

Miami, FL – The 2018 Florida Gubernatorial race is one of the most tightly contested statewide elections of all time and features Democrat Andrew Gillum, a Tallahassee city councilman turned Mayor, going against Republican Ron DeSantis, a member of the Florida House of Representatives and former U.S. Navy Lawyer. While this is the first time both candidates have run for Governor of Florida, that is about the only thing they share in common, as both candidates seek to convince voters ahead of next week’s election.

Here are some details about each candidate:


2018 Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Profile

Andrew Gillum

Ron DeSantis

Age  39 40
 Education  B.A. (Political Science), FAMU  B.A. (History), Yale University
J.D., Harvard Law School
 Work Experience -Tallahassee City Commissioner (2003-2014)
-Tallahassee Mayor (2014-2018)
-Lieutenant Commander, US Navy Active Duty (2004-2010) Judge Advocate General (JAG Officer)
-Federal Prosecutor, US Dept of Justice (2008)
-US Navy Reserve (2010-present)
-Defense Attorney, Holland & Knight
-Congressman, US House of Representatives (2013-2018)
 Political Stance: -Lifelong politician, Progressive liberal, Pro-gun control, Pro-abortion, does not support President Trump, supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, supports restoring voting rights for convicted felons, has called for ICE to be abolished and for President Trump to be impeached  -Conservative, Pro-Gun Rights, Pro-life, supports President Trump and is anti-establishment

Interesting Facts

Learn About Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum Campaign Website: http://andrewgillum.com/

Andrew Gillum Videos to watch:

Breakfast Club Interview 2018

CBS Miami Interview with Jim Defede (September 2018)

Andrew Gillum Ad

Social Media Profiles:
Youtube Channel

Learn About Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Videos to Watch:

Fox News interview (Nov 2018)

Facing South Florida CBS Miami Interview with Jim Defede

Ron DeSantis Campaign Ad

Social Media Profiles:
Youtube Channel

Ron DeSantis Campaign Website: https://rondesantis.com/

Candidate Overview: Tampa Bay Times

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