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Disappointed FIU Students Don’t Get To See Obama

Only a select few FIU students had the chance to see the President of the United States in person.

University Park, FL – A multitude of FIU students waited for hours upon news that the POTUS would be visiting the Modesto Maidique campus’ GC Ballroom. The visit was part of a nationally-televised town hall meeting focused on immigration, where Obama sat in front of a live audience of specially-picked students and policy-supporters to promote amnesty and immigration reform.

One FIU student, Yunova Delgadillo, a third-year Education major from Miami, was among the crowd of more than 300 students waiting to catch a glimpse of the President in front of the GC Ballrooms. She spoke to Sweetwater Post and lamented the commotion in front of the GC Ballroom was likely a distraction, since the President likely came in securely through the back of the building.

“Honestly, I know it would’ve been a long shot, but at least to see him come in through the door..”

According to Delgadillo, she was among the students that waited in the hot sun close to four hours just to see Obama.

Another student at FIU, Cornelius Drane, a Freshman studying Engineering, was also disappointed the President didn’t at least wave at the crowd of eager students.

“I’ve always wanted to see him… Kinda figured it would’ve been too good to be true”, said Drane.

Students waited for hours behind barricades placed by FIU Police. Once police began to remove the barricades shortly after 5 P.M., a loud groan of disappointment could be heard by the remaining group of students still hoping to see Obama.

A shot of the stage set up for Obama's Immigration Town Hall inside the FIU GC Ballroom
A shot of the stage set up for Obama’s Immigration Town Hall inside the FIU GC Ballroom
FIU students wait to see Obama in person
Remaining FIU students still hoping to see Obama in person after waiting outside GC Ballrooms for hours


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