At Last: Fresh, Healthy Food Establishment Opens in the Heart of Sweetwater

panther cafe sweetwater staff
Panther Cafe Owner Jorge Lopez in front of the restaurant with Manager Junior and restaurant staff

Sweetwater, FL – Sweetwater is going healthy! A place for fresh and healthy meals appealing to the FIU student population has opened up in the City of Sweetwater, The Panther’s Boulevard Cafe, and for the thousands of FIU students living in Sweetwater with the daily struggle of finding a good place to eat, this is a big deal.

the panther's boulevard cafe storefront sweetwater
The Panther’s Boulevard Cafe Storefront seen from S.W. 109th Avenue

Located across from the Sweetwater City Hall and Police Department, on the intersection of 109th Avenue and Southwest 5th Street, the Panther’s Boulevard Cafe offers a variety of menu items, from subs, to wraps, to pizzas and everything in between, with reasonable prices which students and locals can afford.

“We’re providing a type of food that satisfies those that eat healthy, wholesome food as well as customers that like variety in their diet.” said Jorge Lopez, the owner of The Panther’s Boulevard Cafe. Lopez, a Sweetwater entrepreneur, also owns “La Fiesta”, a well-known restaurant in Sweetwater located blocks away from the Cafe.

As the owner of the newest and most promising food establishment in the City of Sweetwater, Lopez has big plans for the Cafe, which replaced one of the many Nicaraguan ethnic restaurants known as “Fritangas” scattered all over Sweetwater. So far, the restaurant has been remodeled, modernized with flat-screen TVs, WiFi, and upgraded to include a storefront reminiscent of a college sub shop somewhere in the Georgetown District of Washington, D.C. Future plans include renovating the front portion of the store to include an outdoor covered terrace providing tables and seating for a unique outdoor eating experience unlike any other on 109th Avenue.

Charcoal Grill Sundays

Plans are also being developed to launch an outdoor eating experience unique to Sweetwater, in which customers will be able to enjoy charcoal-grilled food, exclusively on Sundays. This special menu will include barbecue steaks, corn-on-the-cob, baked potatoes, and other items you won’t find anywhere else in Sweetwater (or West Miami-Dade County for that matter).


Cafe Staff Member Kristhal Figallo poses behind the cash register Wednesday morning

Owner Jorge Lopez takes great pride in describing the lengths the Cafe staff goes to in order to ensure every meal is fresh and satisfies the customer. “The great thing about Panther Cafe is you can make your own pizzas, subs and wraps. Your lunch is made fresh to order.¬†All meats are certified. All salads are cut fresh daily.”

The Panther’s Boulevard Cafe offers a simple yet appealing menu which includes 6 major categories of items: Wraps, Subs & Sandwiches, Salads, Pizzas, and Pasta.

Prices are definitely among the lowest in the area, with daily lunch specials, salads, and wraps sold for $6.99 (6 toppings includes meat, soda and chips). Prices stay below the $8 mark, with the most expensive item being the Mixed Pizza at $7.25.

Food prep area at the Cafe

Prices that low are sure to be welcomed by the local community, considering the average price of a plate of food in the 109th Avenue area averages around $12 a plate, and many of the patrons are college students with a limited budget, or working-class residents in Sweetwater.

One of the major products they offer for sale is the Green Mountain Coffee brand of coffees. The Cafe strongly hopes to attract a vibrant community of all ages while keeping in mind the unique needs of the FIU student community.

Many lovers of healthy natural fruit juice will be delighted to know they have a pretty good selection of natural juices.

A surprising yet important fact: this eating establishment is one of the few on 109th Avenue that provides separate bathrooms for Men and Women.

The Panther’s Boulevard Cafe offers FIU Students and City of Sweetwater employees a 10% discount.
Delivery is available for only $2.

The Panther’s Boulevard Cafe
Address: 525 S.W. 109 Ave. Sweetwater, FL 33174
Phone: 305-397-4348